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Trouwborst, Francine

  • Pessoa
  • b. [1980 or 1981]

Daughter of Sophia, who lived in Emerald Estates.

Le Blanc, Don

  • Pessoa

Don Le Blanc was a commercial photographer who was associated with Croton Studio.

In the publication "Guide to Canadian Photographic Archives" (published 1984), the 1961 and 1969 directories list Croton Studios as Croton Studios (D F Le Blanc), indicating that Le Blanc operated/owned the studio at that time. In the 1969 directory, Le Blanc is listed as the proprietor and this carries through the directories until the 1973 directory when Robert Dibble is listed as the owner.

Forst, Alex

  • Pessoa

Wosk, Ben

  • Pessoa

Wilson, Tom

  • Pessoa
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