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Kernaghan, David

  • CA-BC-KD002
  • Persona
  • fl. 1986

David Kernaghan was a custodian and adult educator at Myrtle Philip Elementary School during the 1985-86 school year.

Bartlett, Ellen

  • CA-BC-BE002
  • Persona
  • fl. 1985-

Ellen Bartlett is a Whistler teacher and librarian. She served as a Grade 1-2 teacher and librarian at Myrtle Philip Elementary School in 1985-86 and was still working at the school as of 1993-94. By 2001 she was a teacher-librarian at the Whistler Library.

Brownlie, Georgina

  • CA-BC-BG010
  • Persona
  • fl. 1991-1992

Georgina Brownlie is a former athlete and teacher at Pemberton High School. She was a member of the Blackcomb One team at the 4th Annual Westcoast Ski Area Tournament, August 1991, at which she was named both the Team Female MVP and the Tourny Female MVP. She also played fastball for the Tapley's K team.

She is married to Dave Brownlie, former President and COO & CEO of Whistler-Blackcomb.

Epplett, Sandra "Sandi"

  • CA-BC-ES005
  • Persona
  • [1954?-]

Sandra 'Sandi' Paulik-Epplett was a longtime Whistler teacher. Originally from Vancouver, she took teaching practicums in East Vancouver before moving to Whistler in 1977 to teach at Myrtle Philip Elementary School. Throughout her teaching career she taught children of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. A neighbour and friend of Myrtle Philip, Epplett often had her visit the classroom to teach the students about Whistler's early years. In addition to teaching, she served as the school's librarian (in at least 1985-1986), organized track and field events, held fundraisers for graduation, started a leadership program, volunteered for RCMP victim support services and the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation, and made personalized scrapbooks for every student in her classes. Her contributions were rewarded with a National Excellence Award for Teachers from the Heritage Education Funds in 2011. She had been nominated by the parent of a former Whistler student, and was the first Sea-to-Sky-area teacher to win this award. Epplett ended her teaching career in 2013 at Spring Creek Community School in Whistler. She married Bill Epplett and raised two children in Whistler. Her son, Thomas, enrolled as an infantry officer in the Canadian Army in 2009.

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