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Whistler Skiers' Chapel

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  • 1966 - [?]

Incorperated as a Society in 1966, the building of this first Ecumenical Church in Canada was organized by Franz Wilhelmsen and Marion Sutherland. Ecumenical meaning that it did not belong to any specific denomenation of Christendom, rather to all of them together. The chief architect that designed the building was Asbjorn Gathe, who did it free of charge. The co-chairmen of the church were Marion Sutherland, a prodestant, and Joan MacLean, a Roman Catholic. The land in which the chapel was built on was provided by Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. The original board of trustees included Michael Doyle, William and Theo Anglin, Art Forester, Sheila Bentley, John Fraser, Harland MacDougall, Franz Wilhelmsen and Cam Wilkinson with Malcom King as legal council. The first service took place in 1967 on Christmas Eve. Rev. Aubrey Bell, from St. John the Devine church in Squamish, presided over the service.

The first marriage in the chapel took place on Jan. 20/1967 between Irene and Tony Lyttle.

Greg Stump Productions

  • CA-BC
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  • fl. 1988

Greg Stump Productions is a ski film company started by freestyle skier, Greg Stump.

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