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McCluskey, William R.

  • CA-BC-MWR001
  • d. July 30, 1935

McCluskey was manager of Pioneer Airways and served as the pilot in the plane crash that killed the Brocks and David Sloan. After landing at Alta Lake to pick up Mildred Brock, he was unable to gain the proper altitude and had to turn sharply to avoid the treeline. The plane crashed on the old Pemberton Trail, about 400 yards south of Mons Creek. McCluskey, along with Reginald Brock, was killed instantly. Mildred Brock and David Sloan later died of their injuries.

Brothers, Donald

  • CA-BC-BD025
  • Personne
  • November 8, 1923 - February 9, 2017

Donald Brothers was a British Columbian lawyer and politician who belonged to the Social Credit Party. He served as a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II. In 1957 he ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for the federal riding of Kootenay West. The following year, he was elected to the provincial assembly in a by-election. Brothers continued to serve on the provincial cabinet, acting as Minister of Mines and Petroleum Resources and Minister of Education, until his defeat in 1972.