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Betts-Smith, Louise Mary

  • CA-BC-BLM001
  • Family
  • 1938-

Louise Betts was born in Vancouver in 1938 to parents Janet and Wallace Betts, who had met in the Function Junction area near Whistler. Louise married Alfred Smith in 1956 and they had three children.

Miller, Jennifer

  • CA-BC-MJ004
  • Family
  • fl. 2001-present

Jennifer Miller was the editor of Whistler the Magazine and the Whistler Question from 2010 to 2012.

Simons, Rosalind

  • CA-BC-SR001
  • Family
  • b. c. 1968 fl. 1980

Rosalind Simons attended the third session of the Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp in 1980.