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Corporate body

Whistler Sportpak International

  • CA-BC-WSI-001
  • Corporate body
  • [fl. 1990s-2000s?]

Whistler Sportpak International was a luxury ski travel agency active in the 1990s and 2000s.

Whistler Skiers' Chapel

  • Corporate body
  • 1966 - [?]

Incorperated as a Society in 1966, the building of this first Ecumenical Church in Canada was organized by Franz Wilhelmsen and Marion Sutherland. Ecumenical meaning that it did not belong to any specific denomenation of Christendom, rather to all of them together. The chief architect that designed the building was Asbjorn Gathe, who did it free of charge. The co-chairmen of the church were Marion Sutherland, a prodestant, and Joan MacLean, a Roman Catholic. The land in which the chapel was built on was provided by Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. The original board of trustees included Michael Doyle, William and Theo Anglin, Art Forester, Sheila Bentley, John Fraser, Harland MacDougall, Franz Wilhelmsen and Cam Wilkinson with Malcom King as legal council. The first service took place in 1967 on Christmas Eve. Rev. Aubrey Bell, from St. John the Devine church in Squamish, presided over the service.

The first marriage in the chapel took place on Jan. 20/1967 between Irene and Tony Lyttle.

Whistler Fisheries Stewardship Group

  • CA-BC-WHI-001
  • Corporate body
  • 1996-

The Whistler Fisheries Stewardship Group (WFSG) is a non-profit society that was created to restore the health of Whistler's watersheds through community partnerships, advocacy, education, and projects like monitoring and restoring stream habitats, in turn improving fish populations. The WFSG was formed in 1996 as a partnership between various Whistler community groups and the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) Parks and Planning Department. In 1997, with a $19,000 Urban Salmon Habitat Program grant, the group completed three major projects in the first year of their 5-year plan: enhancing Crabapple Creek (which was bulldozed during a flood in 1990) by complexing the stream bed with boulders and rootwads and reinforcing stream banks that were eroding; two old culverts on the Catholic Church property that disrupted Crabapple were removed, with the co-operation of the church; and fish passage baffles were built in the Millar Creek culvert at Function Junction, allowing juvenile fish to migrate upstream. In 1998, stream enhancement projects were completed with the help of an $18,600 USHP grant: a bypass channel on the River of Golden Dreams which allows juvenile fish to migrate upstream past the weir; an old dam on Scotia Creek was removed because it blocked gravel from moving downstream and maintaining good spawning habitat near Alta Lake; and work was done on Blackcomb Creek at Lost Lake to control erosion and improve fish habitat. The WFSG became a society in 1998. The WFSG commissioned the River of Golden Dreams (ROGD) Restoration Plan in 2003 to provide a rehabilitation program for this ecologically and socially important river in the heart of the Whistler Valley. Its ecological health is critical because it provides spawning and rearing areas for the main population of rainbow trout in the area, supports wetlands and numerous waterfowl, and for the last four years, after a fifteen year absence, kokanee salmon have reappeared and are spawning again in the river. The ROGD has had a degradation of its habitat in recent years due to a number of activities, including: the construction of BC Rail line, hydro lines, residential development, historical upslope logging, and the diversion of 21 Mile Creek directly into the creek rather than into Alta Lake, and tourism from canoe and kayak trips over the summer months. The ROGD Restoration Plan includes building three structures for Large Woody Debris (LWD) recruitment to enhance aquatic habitat quality by providing feeding and resting sites, and shelter from predators. The structures will also stabilize the stream banks.

Whistler Cycling Committee

  • CA-BC-WCC-001
  • Corporate body
  • 2000-[2002?]

The Bicycle Task Force was developed by Municipal Council in September 2000. Its name was changed to the Whistler Cycling Committee, or WCCommittee, in April 2001. Following the completion and implementation of the Bicycle Network Plan, the Whistler Cycling Committee was replaced by the Whistler Cycling Coalition.

Whistler Chamber of Commerce

  • Corporate body

The mission of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce is to promote the businesses of Whistler, B.C. The chamber lobbies on behalf of local businesses and provides them with networking opportunities. The Chamber of Commerce played an active role in planning and organizing Expo '86-related events in Whistler.

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