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Ranger Oil

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McGuire Sawmill

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  • 1938-195?

Garibaldi Recreations Ltd.

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  • [1963-1967]

In 1962 nine shareholders (Peter Alder, Jim McCall, Stan Jordan, Gene Jordan, Douglas McArthur, Clive Cornish, Les Linnitt, Oris Kirk and Bill Garrison) bought Jordan's Lodge and the 138 acres surrounding it for $45,000. This area took up a large part of what is today Creekside and bordered on both Nita and Alpha Lakes.

Garibaldi Recreations Ltd. was formed in 1962 after there had been interest in developing the area for the 1968 Olympic games, and the bid had failed. In the gap after the dissolving of the Garibaldi Olympic Development Company, Garibaldi Recreations Ltd. aimed to develop Whistler Mountain for skiing. They proposed a 3000' T-bar lift (convertible to chair-lift for summer operation) on Whistler Mountain and also aimed to improve holiday lake facilities for the summer, including renovating Jordan's Lodge and building a camp ground and log cabins on their land. The original intention was to have the ski lift completed and operating for the 1963 winter season. There were plans for further ski lifts to be built in the future.

The project required the cooperation of the BC Government to lease the land on Whistler Mountain to Garibaldi Recreations Ltd.  Garibaldi Recreations Ltd. owned the land for the property development side of the business, but the land on the mountain itself had to be leased. However, the BC Government leased the land to their rivals instead - the Garibaldi Lift Co. Garibaldi Lift Co. went on to develop Whistler Mountain for skiing.

Garibaldi Recreations Ltd. sold their land for [$382,500] to Whistler Housing Corporation (John Taylor) in 1967.

Whistler Chamber of Commerce

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The mission of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce is to promote the businesses of Whistler, B.C. The chamber lobbies on behalf of local businesses and provides them with networking opportunities. The Chamber of Commerce played an active role in planning and organizing Expo '86-related events in Whistler.

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