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Jan 81

Slide film of Tokum Corners in spring (2/3/9/1), a washed-out bridge [at 19 Mile Creek?], The 'Great Christmas Flood', and a 'road closed' sign.

Map of Alpine Meadows

Map of the Alpine Meadows neighbourhood, with labelled streets and numbered lots. In the bottom right-hand corner is contact information for Capilano Highlands Ltd., which developed the neighbourhood.

Van West Logging Information Sheet

An information sheet about Van West Logging, including information about staff and their families, and various projects the company was involved in in the valley.

Week of April 11, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to evening event; office; portraits; construction in Whistler Village; Mouton Cadet Spring Festival at Whistler Mountain; ski race; awards; chairlift; cutting down a tree; Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain signage; podium; skiers; construction of 19 Mile Creek Bridge
Appears in April 14, 1983 issue:
02-316-13. Pg. 1. Caption: A gift of two mountains was presented to Washington Governor John Spellman (right) by Mayor Mark Angus (second from right) during his tour of Whistler last week. Washington hopes to develop its Early Winters Resort and several top delegates including (left) Senator Alan Bluechel, Mrs. Jeanne Erlichmann Bluechel and Mrs. Irene Spellman.
02-316-21. Pg. 3. Caption: Mark Sager ... in the running for Williams' job.
02-316-14. Pg. 5. Caption: Geoff Power (left) and Don Willoughby (right) ... the long-time components of Willpower Enterprises.
02-316-49. Pg. 7. Caption: [Village]
02-316-191. Pg. 8. Caption: CKNW talk-show host Gary Bannerman (left) was given the royal WRA tour of Whistler Saturday, April 9 by resort association executive president Earl Hansen. Bannerman was gathering background material for an upcoming show which will feature Whistler.
02-316-167. Pg. 9. Caption: As soon as the snow left the ground, workers for Interwest Construction of Vancouver got cracking on the preliminary work for the foundation of 19 Mile Creek Bridge. The span, to be completed by summer, will bridge the gap in Alpine Meadows on Valley Drive.
02-316-228. Pg. 11. Caption: Do hostesses during the mostesses? Whistler Mountain's team of helpful ladies salut the visitors and participants at Mouton Cadet's Spring Festival held April 9, 10 and 11. Top row (l-r) Jacques Reck, Heather Steward. Bottom row (l-r) Cathy Rousseau, Lyndsey MacDonald, June Paley, and Jan Haldimand had a smile for everyone this snowy Sunday.
02-316-175. Pg. 12. Caption: Municipal parks worker Wayne Flann gets rid of some dead wood at Alpha Lake Park. Crews are readying some of the facilities in the park such as the tennis courts and picnic area, in time for summer visitors.
02-316-35. Pg. 14. Caption: [left] Karen Petrus, Village Employee, Whistler Cay.
02-316-41. Pg. 14. Caption: [middle] Cindy Brown, Whistler Mountain Ticket Checker, Emerald Estates.
02-316-33. Pg. 14. Caption: [right] Nancy Davies, Village Shop Owner, Whistler Cay Heights.
02-316-73. Pg. 15. Caption: [left] First place winners in the Mouton Cadet Spring Festival held April 9, 10, 11 on Whistler Mountain. (l-r) Dave Murray, Nancy Smith, Jim Parsons, Toby Shale. Back row Xavier deEizaguirre of Mountain Rothschild and Werner Schonberger, president of Featherstone & Co.
02-316-79. Pg. 15. Caption: [right] Andre Schwarz gets a little help from his friend during a presentation on "motion and movement" -- the Canadian approach to ski instruction "at the CSIA Spring Festival at Delta Mountain Inn Monday, April 11. Schwarz is the chairman of the national technical committee for the CSIA.

Week of June 6, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to bridge; climbing a fence; horses; portraits; construction; baseball; buffet dinner; Whistler Country Guides canoes at the lake; logging trucks; landscapes; wildlife; band playing; buses; orchestra playing outdoors in Whistler Village; logging; river; trumpet player; barbecue; Vancouver Whitecaps autographs at Myrtle Philip School Sports Banquet
02-348-35. Pg. 1. Caption: Weigh, hey, up she rises ... Cranes hoist the 18-ton concrete spans into place over 19 Mile Creek June 1 in preparation for the new bridge. December '81 floods washed out the old wooden bridge, severing Valley Drive in Alpine Meadows.
02-348-20. Pg. 2. Caption: Golf course, co-ordinator Bob Wick ... ready to heave a sigh of relief.
02-348-99. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] A semi-permanent abode (center) graces the shores of Green Lake in a makeshift campground on private property. Bottles, remnants of campfires and dirty pans litter the ground in this otherwise beautiful setting.
02-348-4. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] The no-name bridge over the River of Golden Dreams near Tapley Place is now suffering from a new problem. Spring run-off set one end of the bridge askew, and according to Municipal Engineer Doug Wylie, it may well stay that way for several months. Due to problems in ascertaining the legal right-of-ways to the bridge, not to mention the party responsible for the bridge, the municipality will have its hands tied up in paperwork for some time before it can set things right.
02-348-55. Pg. 5. Caption: Mike Sweeney (seated) of Vancouver's Whitecaps soccer team signs a few autographs at Myrtle Philip School sports banquet Thursday, June 2.
02-348-84. Pg. 6. Caption: [left] Ray Wiens, Minister, Alpine Meadows.
02-348-23. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Mike Thaxter, Construction Worker, Alpine Meadows.
02-348-28. Pg. 6. Caption: [right] Reg Walser, Unemployed, Alpine Meadows.
02-348-107. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom] Pause a while in Whistler Village the next sunny day and you'll hear this group of young musicians perform a wide variety of selections. (L-R) Jennifer Porter, Cal McConnell, Connie Carver, Dan Cushing, and Frank Mallany are a part of a federal government student employment program run by the WRA. In addition to displaying their musical talents these young people will be offering village tours, working at the new information booth and helping at special events.
02-348-40. Pg. 7. Caption: The beer league's Dregs got a lift June 1 when Patti Ritchie made it home, despite the valiant efforts of the Longhorn's All-night All-stars' back catcher. Final score? A 27-27 tie.
02-348-128. Pg. 9. Caption: Chips fly where they may as Jud Forster (left) and Stan Hammond prepare red cedar logs for a carport in Whistler Cay Heights being built by Hammond and Davies Log Builders.
02-348-115. Pg. 11. Caption: Ray Lyman, band director of Seaton Secondary School from Vernon, was pleased to present Whistler's Molly Boyd with a band booster award for the services she rendered in bringing the group to Whistler. Band members and audiences alike braved cold winds to share a top-rated concert of big band sounds.

Week of May 9, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to lakes; Pemberton; children; frisbee golf; windsurfing; musicians; construction; British Columbia Social Credit Party; Vancouver's Purcell String Quartet
Appears in May 12, 1983 issue:
02-310-83. Pg. 1. Caption: [left] John Reynolds addresses a packed house during his victory speech at the Hotel Vancouver after taking the West Vancouver-Howe Sound seas in B.C.'s provincial election.
02-310-73. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] See above.
02-310-66. Pg. 3. Caption: Jesse Fletcher treis out a new set of wheels (actually a very antiquated set of wheels) in Village Square May 3. In case you don't recognize the historic wheelchair, you can see it in its normal resting place at Stoney's.
02-310-89. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Andy Williamson, Dishwasher, Gondola Area.
02-310-93. Pg. 6. Caption: [left] Dave Manual, Garbologist, Alta Vista.
02-310-4. Pg. 6. Caption: [right] Kevin Morgan, Employment Bridging Assistance Program employee, White Gold.
02-310-61. Pg. 7. Caption: Crews from Interland Construction have piles and forms in place for the foundation of 19 Mile Creek bridge. The steel and concrete span will be completed at a cost of over $300,000 before summer ends.
02-310-55. Pg. 8. Caption: A delighted audience enjoyed the eloquent tones of Vancouver's Purcell String Quartet at a Brackendale Art Gallery, Sunday May 8 -- a perfect ending to Mother's Day. (l to r) Sydney Humphreys on violin, Philippe Etter on viola, and Ian Hampton on cello.
02-310-45. Pg. 9. Caption: Once again the ace-in-the-hold team swept away Whistler's frisbee golf championship, despite the chilling overtones of Saturday, May 7. (l to r) Al Pomeroy, Bob Noldner, Barry McClure and Hugh Wallace celebrated their win after a rigorous 18-round match, which included a hole in the back of a truck.
02-310-34. Pg. 14. Caption: Winners in B.C. Hydro's poster contest "Be Electrically Alert" were Myrtle Philip students (clockwise from left) Patrick Crewman (grade 4); Cris Simpson (grade 5) and Brandi Robinson (grade 5). The students received a framed certificate for their effort in the contest held in March.

Week of November 3, 1981 [2]

Photographs including but not limited to waterfall; Tom Louse; Halloween; car accidents; flooding; firemen; construction; small airplane; Tourist Information Office
Appears in November 5, 1981 issue:
02-202-51. Pg. 1. Caption: There were bewildering moments for many Whistler residents upon awakening Saturday, October 31 to the sounds of raging creeks. This resident of Panorama Drive in Brio says it all with a shrug -- after all, what can you say when there's a river where there once was none?
02-202-46. Pg. 4. Caption: [top] Brio Creek on the rise -- later the road was dug up to the right of this culvert to let the water pass.
02-202-42. Pg. 5. Caption: [top left] Two hoes work to protect the river bank on 19 Mile Creek at the height of the weekend storm.
02-202-45. Pg. 5. Caption: [middle] Norm Dedeluk (centre) gets more than a helping hang from two fellow volunteer firemen in dislodging debris from raging Brio Creek.
02-202-33. Pg. 9. Caption: [top left ] Ted Pryce-Jones, Alpine Meadows
02-202-25. Pg. 9. Caption: [top middle] Helene Moran, White Gold
02-202-35. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom left] Shelley Heidt, Brio
02-202-36. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom middle] Rod MacLeod
02-202-26. Pg. 10. Caption: [top] O-ooo-spooky. Miss Mousey Adrienne Richters, 6, gives the squeeze to Miss Witchie Jessica Wilson, 6, at Hallowe'en's warming up session at the Firehall.
02-202-59. Pg. 10. Caption: [bottom] Half of the Myrtle Philip Kindergarten Class -- from the left: Kris Jones, Kelly Hamilton, Michael Hofmann, Simon Beller, Christopher Systad, Aaron Gross, Alexander Fordham and Karen Kogler.
02-202-61. Pg. 12. Caption: Principal Bob Daly is surrounded by teachers Sue Christopher (left) and Sandra Pauliuk-Epplett all dressed in their Hallowe'en finery.
02-202-78. Pg. 20. Caption: [left] Discussing the benefits of the benefit (L to R): Dennis Waddingham, Steve Podborski, Dave Murray, Toulouse and Deedee Haight of the Alpine Ski Team.
02-202-76. Pg. 21. Caption: Tourist Information Centre is moved to a new home about 15 feet back to allow for Hwy. 99 widening.